BAD BOYS Bug Remover 500ml

BAD BOYS Bug Remover 500ml

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Bad Boys Bug Remover effectively removes traces of dried insect and bird droppings. Ideal for use before washing the car. Product with a pleasant blackberry fragrance.

  • BAD BOYS Bug Remover 500ml


    • product for removing dead insects, bird droppings and other organic soiling

    • product for use on lacquered, glass, plastic, painted, polished metal, chromium-plated, anodized, powder-coated, carbon fibre or vinyl foil surfaces

    • non-contact use

    • ready to use

    • safe for cleaned surface if applied as recommended


    • shake before use

    • spray the soiled surface with the trigger from a distance of approx. 15 cm

    • wait 3–5 minutes

    • rinse with plenty of water under pressure

    • if necessary, repeat the above steps


    • before first use, test the product in a less visible place

    • during application, protect your skin; the agent is irritating

    • store in a dry and cool place at 5–25℃

    • do not expose to freezing or overheating

    • do not leave to dry out

    • before application, make sure that the surface to be cleaned is cool, do not use in direct sunlight

    • keep out of reach of children

    • product for professional use